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Mastering Change Leadership

Take your leadership to the next level! Leading in change is not always easy, but there are ways to equip yourself as a leader and strengthen your ability to safely navigate the increasingly complex reality we live in.

We are accredited and trained in Prosci

We are accredited instructors within Proscis methodology and offer in collaboration with Nexum the entire Prosci course offering. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Seminars and Workshops

All workshops presented below are also available in a shorter seminar form on site or online. Contact us and we will tell you more!

To lead in change

Many times we take it for granted that employees should adopt new processes and technical solutions just by having them in place / implemented. But dealing with the human side of change is often the most challenging.
This is a 1/2-day workshop on the importance of change management and the role of managers

To lead change at a distance

Leading a team at a distance creates completely new conditions and challenges.
This is a 1/2-day workshop on creating clarity and trust, a good work climate and good results, without being physically present.

To lead change in uncertainty

How do you respond to different reactions to a change where we do not really have all the answers? If it is also unclear and difficult to show how the change will affect, the treatment will be decisive for how the individual will either want to escape the field or be involved and contribute!
This is a 1/2-day workshop where we learn lessons from brain research.

Human Centric Change - Get committed, motivated employees in a change

Why do we react the way we do and what triggers our reward systems and provides committed, motivated employees?
This is a 1/2-day workshop based on brain research.

How can you strengthen your organization's capacity for change?

Do you know which critical parts of the organization should be reviewed to strengthen the organization’s ability to change?
This is a 1/2-day workshop with a focus on also creating a foundation in the organization as a whole (can be combined with a maturity analysis).

Create effective teams

How do you build a team and take advantage of collective intelligence? How do you make the team feel comfortable and want to do their best? We focus on how leaders can create an effective team and get committed, motivated employees in a change.
This is a 1/2 day workshop focusing on team building.

Tailor your workshop / lecture

Put together your own seminar! What are your wishes? What topics should the seminar contain, how long should it be, and when would you like it? Register your interest, so you can order a quote for your tailor-made seminar today!

Examples of areas we tailor:

  • Leadership in change
  • The brain – what happens in the brain during change
  • Human Centric Change – 4 areas for commitment and sustainable leadership
    • Empathy
    • Inclusion
    • Clarity and
    • Continuous learning

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