"We clearly see the effect of working with the people side of change."

About Improviate

Improviate is one of Sweden’s leading specialists in change management with over ten years of experience in building and strengthening leaders ‘and organizations’ ability to drive successful change with lasting results.

We drive development in the area and see ourselves as proud pioneers who have made a strong contribution to putting Change Management on the map. Our base is in Sweden but we follow our customers globally.

The key to successful change

Most organizations invest a lot of resources in change initiatives such as digitalization, the introduction of agile working methods, improved processes, reorganizations and cultural shifts. Do we see the effects of the investments? Not always…There is great potential for improvement here! In addition to a new solution and ways of working, we clearly see the effect of working consciously with the people side of change. That is the key to reaching the set goals.

Do you recognize yourself?

“We do not know how to involve our leaders and employees in this change”

“Our leaders and the entire organization need to become better at managing change. We do not have the time and means to fail ”.

“We need inspiration and learn from how others have done to succeed”

“I need help developing my team so that we become more effective together.”

“We want to train in Prosci’s change methodology (ADKAR).”

Do you want to make a difference?

Are you ready to strengthen the ability to change in your business with us? We are ready to help you! Contact us and we will get started. Now.

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