Change management - from current state to future state

Change management is a well planned and structured work where people in the organization receive the support needed for a certain change with the aim to achieve the desired result in the future.

Change in behaviors

Change management focuses on bringing about behavioral changes in people. The greater the demands on behavioral change in people are in connection with a change, the greater the importance of using change management to increase the chance of achieving the change goals.

What are your experiences today?

Do you have experience that decided and critical investments in changed and new solutions are not fully complied with or used when they are introduced? Or that the introduction is postponed, only parts of the business change or that other changes come in between? Then you know that it is seldom enough that the overall strategies and vision are in place or that the solution itself is long-awaited and good.

Change Management is about people

Regardless of what the change is about, such as a new system or a new process, the people affected by the new solution must change their behavior in order for the goal and benefit of the change to be achieved.

Bring the people with you all the way

To succeed, you as a leader need to understand both how people are affected and how to get them involved in the change in a successful way.

They not only need to know what is going to change but also why so that they themselves can take a stand for the change and contribute throughout the journey.

In other words, the right understanding and commitment is needed for a successful implementation with lasting effects.

We help you become sharper on change management

We at Improviate work with the different perspectives of change management, – from behavioral changes in the introduction of specific changes in the business to the strategic view and the organization’s ability to change linked to culture, leadership and structure.

We enter each assignment with a broad portfolio of proven methods, many years of experience and a genuine commitment to change work that makes a real difference in your business.

Do you want to learn more about change management?

Change management is the book for you who want to gain a broader and deeper understanding of how well-thought-out work with individuals can improve the results of changing businesses.

Change Management 
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Change Management 
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“At a time when activities are largely described in quantitative, measurable terms, it is also easy to forget that that organization is in fact nothing more than its people, and that everything else – for example processes, structures and digital aids – is something that is produced and developed by different people who by different selves have decided to work together towards a certain goal and with a certain task. All change therefore means that people are – and must be – in focus. “
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“This I have really been waiting for! I will recommend it to be used at KTH Executive School. ”
Anders Holmström, Former Director Industry at KTH Executive School

“I recommend every leader to read this! It gives you great insights on how to drive change in real! ”
Hawar Akman, Customer Operations Manager at Iver

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