Meet Improviate’s two new change consultants

We are happy to welcome two new employees and change consultants to Improviate: Hanna Blide and Cecilia Nilsson. In addition to change management, Hanna will contribute with her expertise in sustainable worklife and Cecilia will contribute with her expertise in change communication. Below you can read more about why they have chosen to join Improviate, their previous experiences and what they are looking forward to in 2023.

Hanna Blide

Why Improviate?
I was recommended to get in touch with Improviate by a person in my network. The company’s expertise in working with the human perspective in change appealed to me. When I first met the core team, consisting of Maria Widström, Helena Werner and Kristina von Knorring, it clicked immediately. I also like that it’s a small company on a growth journey where I will be involved in all parts of the company.

Your background?
I have a background from FMCG, the retail industry and the telecom sector, where I have worked in business-related roles with product launches, project management and innovation. I have also worked as an organizational consultant and trend speaker. I have a master’s degree in marketing and I’m a certified coach and yoga teacher. I think that combination of roles reveals some of my driving forces: business, people and health!

I’m looking forward supporting organizations and managers to work with change in a structured way, with the human perspective in focus. The areas that are closest to my heart, apart from change management, are project management, sustainable managers and employees, coaching of individuals and groups and facilitating workshops. I will also contribute to developing and packaging Improviate’s offers.

Cecilia Nilsson

Why Improviate?
In my new role, I will focus on what I find most exciting – working with business and operational development by supporting leaders and employees. In recent years, I have thought a lot about my personal values and how I want my worklife to look like. At Improviate, I get the opportunity to work with many different companies and industries, and at the same time I will have the flexibility and room for reflection, learning and personal development.

Another important factor lies in the consulting role itself – to enter an assignment with curiosity and sensitivity in order to identify the solution together with the customer.

Your background?
I have a long background from the telecom industry, where I’ve had many different roles e.g., finance, sales, marketing as well as communication, which is the area where I have the longest experience from. My interests for leadership and people have been following me throughout my career.

At Improviate, I will contribute with my experience in change communication in addition to continuing to develop as a change manager.  Other areas include digitization, digital worklife, sustainability and learning.

To conclude, what are you looking forward to in 2023?
“I look forward continuing deepen my knowledge in change management and getting to know our existing and new clients. And of course, collaborating and getting to know my new colleagues in depth.” says Hanna

“To continue developing as a change consultant and change communicator together with my fantastic colleagues and customers. I also hope that it will be a year filled with learning and development”, concluded Cecilia

Improviate warmly welcomes Hanna and Cecilia!

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