Strengthened change management capability at telecom company

The telecom industry is characterized by a high rate of change, which requires a strong ability to lead and navigate in constant changes.

Improviate was asked to support one of the industry-leading telecom companies to strengthening and developing the company’s change capability through change management.

A two-year-long collaboration between Improviate and the customer has included a series of deliveries such as:

  • Management training program Lead in change.
  • Training, lectures and workshops in change management for managers, specialists and project managers.
  • Measuring change maturity in ongoing change initiatives.
  • Strategic advisoring.
  • Coaching support for change specialists.
  • Support in recruiting change specialists.

Improviate’s contribution has led to increased change management capabilities, a strengthened ability to lead in change, a deeper understanding of the human aspect in change management as well as the implementation of a CMO (Change Management Office).

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Gathering around HR’s role in change management

Sweden’s Municipalities and Regions (SKR) organizes a monthly network meeting for the regional HR directors.  The members of the network are deeply involved in different change initiatives, such as digitization and the transition towards a patient-focused care. There is a general need to strengthen the knowledge about important elements for successful change.


Bank increased change capabilities

In order to manage the high rate of change, the bank appointed a group of change specialists to handling the implementation of the prioritized change initiatives. As part of that arrangement Improviate were asked to train the entire group in change management skills.


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